Technology Angels comes quickly to business l..
Technology Angels comes quickly to business life
Dreams come true of women entrepreneurs. Women's role in working life increase was implemented with the goal of 'idea now my job' and 'Technology Angels' projects, while promoting the realization of the dreams of women entrepreneurs, contribute to the economy with employment it provides.

Objective economic prosperity

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), Istanbul Women Entrepreneurs Council and Istanbul Trade University, carried out in cooperation 'Technology Angels' with the project, 18-25 years of age and at least a high school graduate young women to be employed in the mobile technology sector and Efforts are in progress to increase the entrepreneurial capacity. ITO and TOBB, as well as Coca-Cola, prepared in partnership with the 'idea now my job' is the project to ensure the active participation of women entrepreneurs in the business world and aims to improve their economic prosperity. 'Now my business idea' project Feyza Aktulga participants, training said they understand the true meaning of entrepreneurship in the process. Aktulga, thinking it was just enough of a good business idea, actually planned, he should be underlined that they learned that programmatic and strategic action.

I did find a job

The Bastas the Angels Die in the field of food technology from the participating universities that received training, said a long time can not find a job after graduating. He said that the completion of the project employed a technology store.

It is moving into retirement dream

PARTICIPANTS of Emine Eyüboğlu the civil service tasks during that dreamed of working in the field of eco-tourism in the Black Sea is retired, said that this project a reality dream debut. Eyuboglu, said: "Currently, the project's feasibility study is underway."

We have come to the fore in trade

'TECHNOLOGY angels' melodies Eskici participants of the project, said the high school student to the disposal of business objectives, and then he started his working life training for two months, gave the information at the same time see the business education. Junk, "the men said when trade front, women were the background but not anymore. Women also came to the fore," he said.