Does Sony Music-Apple partnership..
Does Sony Music-Apple partnership
Since starting collaboration with Beats Apple's Apple WWDC event, which brings the company in 2015, it is known that introduction of an online music service, he said. Monthly will be charged 10 dollars, as well as the free demo option in the first months now, it is known that according to the latest news will be advertising on free accounts in the Apple-Beats partnership also has the Sony Music. The event today, Apple Beats authorities as well as Sony Music CEO Doug Morris has already previously about this person before Apple Beats Music was offered the following comments via Twitter.

We see a solution that would eliminate the boundaries a little more user within this partnership. Software, design, interfaces Beats by Apple, will be eliminated by the license events such as Sony Music. Furthermore not expect an agreement or partnership, which is in the range of music from Sony Music's license will be certainly beneficial to Apple Beats.