11 Thousand E-Commerce Platform Gives Service..
11 Thousand E-Commerce Platform Gives Service in Turkey
The number of e-commerce platform in Turkey has reached 11 thousand.

Tens of thousands of pounds to find the branch and store investments, it improves orientation in this sector.

IDEASOFT e-commerce software offered by more than 5 thousand According to a survey by leveraging the company sells products from both online environment for SMEs and branch offices and 75 percent of the store.

"Future of SMEs"

IDEASOFT CEO Seyhan Özkara important opportunities for SMEs of the growing e-commerce sector in recent years in Turkey, pointing to the sun, "2015 per SME e-commerce research in e-commerce that SMEs number has increased more than 30 percent compared to the 2014 case, the future of e-commerce for SMEs we are producing intelligent e-commerce software with 10 years experience. In this way they get the e-commerce platform companies with price from 2-5 thousand.

Reasonable budget is going next with a much smaller cost tens of thousands of branch store investments. "He said.